innovaSpray® IMMUN

As a natural contribution to the normal functioning of the immune system, e.g. in the season of the common cold.
Mouth spray


  • Simple and safe to take / to use
  • Easy to use wherever you are – practical for on the road
  • Mouth spray – quickly disperses in the mouth and throat area
  • Pleasant peppermint flavour
  • High activity and good bioavailability

Contents of one Package

mouth spray – 30 ml (approx. 150 sprays)
PZN: 16316018
1 spray innova Spray® immun contains:
4 mg Lysozyme (160.000 F.I.P. units) und
2 mg Vitamine B6
dietary supplements

innova immun C

With valuable enzymes and vitamin B6 with peppermint flavour



Purified water, fillers: sorbitol and propylene glycol, lysozyme hydrochloride (from hens’ eggs), pyridoxine hydrochloride, preservative: sorbic acid, sweetener: saccharin, peppermint flavour, acidity regulator: sodium phosphate
Contents: 30 ml, food supplement

Nutritional Information:

1 ml (5 sprays) contains: 20 mg lysozyme (% NRV (nutritional reference value)**) and 10 mg vitamin B6 (625% NRV*)
1 spray contains: 4 mg lysozyme (%NRV**) and 2 mg vitamin B6 (125% NRV*)

*percentage of the reference value according to attachment XIII of the Food Information Regulation (EU) 1169/2011
**no recommendation available

Recommended intake:

Two sprays up to six times daily every two hours directly into the mouth / throat.

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